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-- 2023 -- Friends, I'm terribly at updating this new section - for the most up to date info about releases (solo and Sounds Under Radio), touring, production projects etc follow me on the socials.  I update there far more frequently than this website! 

January 20 2017


Happy new year friends - with a new year comes new music -  'In This The Digital Age Vol.01' Is finally available for everyones ear holes!    What a wild ride 2016 was and what an adventure 2017 is shaping up to be.  New solo shows on the horizon, more releases slotted for later this year (Vol.02 late spring)... it's going to be a good one.  Buy the new release on iTunes, Amazon or any digital retailer - or listen on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you go to listen to tunes.  The consolidated update of the last few months - touring, writing, recording, composing, mixing - wash, rinse, repeat.  I just spent the last month writing/composing the music for a new Dell Computers commercial (my second one this year), then immediately following that I had the privileged of mixing a track from the band Alpha Rev that was produced/engineered by the Alan Parsons (yes, the Dark Side of the Moon Alan Parsons) - such a joy to work on that song.  A few months ago I also got to collaborate on and then mix a project with Jim Ward (from Sparta/ At The Drive In) and Casey McPherson (Alpha Rev/ Flying Colors).  Really cool songs - epic, cinematic.  Totally my cup of tea.  Fall tour with The Rocketboys had me on the road for a good while, but sprinkled in there I squeezed in some writing with Ben Danaher while I was in Nashville (we wrote the saddest song about being happy you've ever heard), Kim Dunn, Rachel Vette (from the New Orleans band The Vettes) , and then a number of others... some really cool tunes on the horizon.














March 28 2016


Heck of a first quarter to the year.  Spent a month on the road with The Rocketboys - southeast US and then on to 'The Rockboat' which left from Miami FL.  If you've never heard of it... it's basically a floating music festival on a cruise ship.  One of the most unique and wild experiences I have ever had.  Lots of new friends and family.  Been mixing a lot since I've been home.  Projects for Daniel Brown (The Cratons), Justin Wiseman (Friends With Benefits), Kimberly Dunn and then a few others.  Spent the better part of a month tracking an acoustic record with The Rocketboys tentatively titled 'The Great Outdoors'.  Harmonies upon harmonies... trying to give Crosby Stills Nash and Young a run for their money.  I composed the score for an absolutely stunning film called 'Jezebel' that I can't wait for people to see.  Beautiful, and creepy and breathtaking and heartbreaking... very proud of this one.  SXSW came and went in Austin like the wind... crazy exciting time - great to catch up with old friends, meet loads of new ones and drink my fair share of Lone Star beer.  Very productive week.  Oh and last but not least, plans are forming for the release of new music soon... stay tuned.



November 17 2015


It's was a pretty intense summer on the road playing guitar with both The Rocketboys as well as Dustin Kensrue from THRICE.  I was able to eak out time every now and again to put the last few finishing touches on my solo record... which is officially titled 'In This The Digital Age'  I'll be sneaking out previews here and there (actually you can hear the first tune for public consumption on the home page - it's called 'Bones and Bribes'.  Anyway, the record is done.  Cooked.  Mixed.  Mastered.  Complete.  My good friend Jeff Ray did some incredible artwork that you can see smeared across this page, and I cannot wait for people to hear this thing.  It's been a few years in the making, so I'm so excited to get it out.  I'll be dropping sounds every now and again between now and release... which will probably be early 2016.  So be on the lookout.































May 6 2015  


Well it's been busy here at my little studio the last few months.  I did some scoring for a short film called 'And He Said Goodbye' from director Rupert-Anthony Ortiz.  My 3 Days score had a debut at the Sarasota Film Festival in Florida, and I just recieved word that they just finished the 5.1 Mix of the film and it will be at Cannes Film Festival 2015.  Jeff Ray's 'Deliver Me From Glory' goes in to preproduction soon, and I can't wait to begin digging my hands in there.  I've been producing parts of and mixing a few projects for Toy Voice Records recently... two EP's - one from the band Intuder = Kill and another from a group called Low Cellars.  Beautiful stuff.  It was a joy to work on those projects.  Inside of all of that I've been mixing, and tweeking my Lang Freeman solo EP which I JUST FINISHED!  Tentitively titled 'In This The Digital Age'... no release plans yet, but I'm looking most likely at the fall.  I'm hitting the road this summer touring again with The Rocketboys.  We are touring with Dustin Kensrue (from THRICE), supporting all of the shows as well as playing in his band for his sets.  It's been a blast learning material from his new record 'Carry The Fire'.  Can't wait to take that to stages across the country.  We'll be hitting the west, west coast and in to Canada in May/June and then June/July midewest and south.  Lots of miles ahead, but they shows are already selling out... so it's looking like it's going to be a good run.  



Jan 13 2015

Wow, I'm obviously terrible at keeping news etc updated.  First post in 9 month, which apparently means I've been busy.  I guess a brief recap of the year - I composed the score for an absolutely beautiful film called 'Solely' that is just now hitting the festival circuit and is already garnering awards.  I composed the score for my first feature thriller… an absolutely fantastic psychological thriller with a supernatural twist called 3 Days.  The film is currently wrapping up post production.  I did some commercial work for AMD as well as a number of other corporate clients, and I've begun the baby steps of planning for my creative brother Jeff Ray's feature 'Deliver Me From Glory.' (to be shot later this year)  The script is incredible, simply breathtaking… I can't wait to dig in to this.


















On the studio side of things, I worked on records and singles for Waterloo Revival (Big Machine Records), Kimberly Dunn, The Rankin Twins, Chris Gougler, Trey Stapleton… geeze, I know there were so many more, but I'm not even going to try to make the elongated list.  Heading in to 2015 I'm currently producing tracks for Taylor Davis, Intruder = Kill, Bo Depena, as well as a few other things in line... looking like a busy, but great start to the year.  























I've slowly been chipping away at a Lang Freeman solo record… hopefully seeing the light of day mid 2015.  I've been squeezing in time as The Rocketboys have been keeping me quite busy this year.  This summer we inked a deal with Black Magnetic Records, spent a month in Los Angeles recording with Grammy Award Winning producer Joe Chiccarelli (Left/Right EP Released Jan 6th) and we had a huge placelement on Fox's 'Glee' last week.  The single 'Viva Voce' is #7 on iTunes rock chart and climbing, so things are off to a great start for this new record.  We spent a lot of time on the road in 2014 and our touring schedule picks back up in a few weeks… hopefully 2015 will keep up busier than ever before!  Anyway… I'll try to update again in 6 months or so :)  Cheers!


































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3.11.14 - SXSW has descended upon us in Austin TX.  The film I scored 'Where The Red Fox Lies' had two screenings this past weekend... of which they all went well.  Jeff Ray made a great movie... incredibly grateful to have been part of it.  It keeps getting picked up at film festivals, so it seems like we did something right.  Onward and upward.  This week I also play 7-8 shows with The Rocketboys, a few solo acoustic shows here and there and I'm planning on seeing a lot of music.  Lots of energy in the ATX this week. 


2.24.14 - Wow, the shows this month at Cactus Cafe could not have been better.  Thanks to all that came out week to week, thanks to Kirk Baxley/ Brandon Kinder/ Taylor Davis/ Andy Melvin for supporting the shows, thanks to Lone Star Beer and KUTX for helping put on the evenings, thanks to the staff at Cactus for being incredible.  The month of mondays could not have gone any better.  Here's a great writeup on the Daily Texan about the shows;


Also, if you missed the shows, here's a great youtube clip of me doing an acoustic version of the SUR tune 'Wasteland'. 






















1.27.14  -  I've been working away in the studio writing, recording, demoing and all that fun stuff.  New fruits of my labor, a song called 'A Hundred Good Reasons' will be released on iTunes and through other digital outlets soon.  You can preview the track on the HOME page.



1.1.14  -  Happy New Year friends... new Lang Freeman Solo shows announced.  Month long weekly residency at Cactus Cafe in Austin TX in February.  Check out the TOUR tab for details.



12.14.13  -  Wow... what an incredibly emotional evening tonight at Holy Mountin in Austin.  Bidding farewell to my brother in arms Bradley Oliver as he preps for his move to San Fancisco.  Pushing the 'pause' button on Sounds Under Radio for awhile... 10 years of actually being a band and who knows how many years before that conceptulizing what that would be.  Such an amazing ride with the absolte best of friends.  Such an amazing evening with friends and fans.  We could not have asked for anything better.  Thank you.



12.1.13 - Austin TX premier of 'Where The Red Fox Lies' at the Paramount Theater was a smashing success.  Amazing seeing everyones hard work finally hit the screen.  Now onward to film festivals.






11.24.13  -  Just got home from an amazing month of touring playing guitar for Austin's own The Rocketboys.  Our tourmates Kopecky Family Band and The Mowglis were nothing short of fantastic every night.  Got in my car this afternoon and heard Kopecky's 'Heartbeat' rocking on local radio, changed the station a bit later and heard The Mowgli's 'San Francisco' spinning.  Well played friends... well played.

10.29.13  -  I did a bit of touring playing guitar with Ed Kowalczyk (formerly of the band LIVE) last year and I also had the honor of playing some guitar on his new record.  Other musicians on the record include REM's Peter Buck, pianist Rachael Yamagata as well as a number of other amazing folk... absolutely honored to be listed amongst those names  Check out Ed's new record 'The Flood and The Mercy'

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